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Tongue Ties

How are tongue ties treated?

During a myofunctional therapy consult, Jen will evaluate the frenum, or the small piece of tissue that can tether the tongue to the floor of the mouth and prevent it from moving as freely as it should. If a frenectomy is recommended, pre-frenectomy stretches and exercises are given and practiced before the procedure. A functional frenectomy is performed, where one of our doctors will use a laser to release the tight frenum and surrounding tissue while our myofunctional therapist, Jen, evaluates the range of motion of the tongue during the procedure. After the tongue is released, post-frenectomy stretches are crucial to prevent the tongue from reattaching. Further therapy will then be necessary to help your tongue and mouth achieve proper function. Our favorite thing to hear after the procedure is, “wow that was so much easier than I thought!”