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The Damon Bracketing

The Damon Orthodontic Bracketing System

Dr. Robin offers the Damon™ System, a high quality and efficient bracketing system that redefines orthodontics with revolutionary clinical and aesthetic features!

The Damon™ System is a combination of clear material and stainless steel that provides the aesthetics you will love! The Damon™ System utilizes a remarkably easy-to-use slide mechanism which makes wire changes a snap. With the Damon™ System, ultra-smooth contours and rounded edges provide maximum comfort and a fast low-friction tooth movement with maximum control, assuring our patients strong, reliable bonding to each of your tooth surfaces.

The Damon™ System is truly an amazing product that offers our patient’s quality & aesthetics all in one! If you have any questions about the Damon™ System, please feel free to speak with Dr. Robin or any of our team members today, or ask us for any printed information on this remarkable orthodontic bracketing system!