Scaling & Root Planing

Our team here at Hildebrand Estivo Dental encourages our patients to visit our hygienists for professional cleanings on a regular basis, at least once every six months in many cases. Additionally home dental care is hugely important when it comes to your oral and overall health. However, some of our patients sometimes require a more thorough treatment when it comes to the health of their gums. Dr. Robin, Dr. Matt, and Dr. Mike feel that it is important that you understand how important your periodontal health is in relation to your overall health.

When patients require a higher level of treatment to protect the health of their gums, our doctors may suggest scaling and root planing. Scaling and root planing is essentially a deep cleaning, designed to treat gum disease (periodontal disease) and prevent further bone loss by removing plaque and tartar buildup under the gum line and around teeth roots.

This non-surgical treatment eliminates bacteria and prevents gum disease from progressing. Our patients can rest at ease during these treatments because the gums are numbed during the cleaning and our hygienists are very gentle to minimize sensitivity afterwards.

Periodontal (gum) disease has been linked to diabetes and heart disease. It is vital to make sure that you have healthy gums, as your oral and overall health depends on it.

If you have any questions about scaling and root planing, please ask one of our Hildebrand Estivo Dental team members, they are very happy to answer any questions you may have.