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Implant Supported Dentures

At all three Hildebrand Estivo Dental locations in Smithville, Weston, and Plattsburg, Dr. Matt, Dr. Robin and Dr. Mike offer our patients dentures that are supported with dental implants.

“Getting implant supported dentures is the best thing I’ve ever done” – C.B.
— This statement from a happy patient of Dr. Hildebrand says it all!

Traditional dentures can cause gum irritation and can move, slip or fall out of the mouth. Chewing can also be difficult and often people are limited as to what they can eat. Statistics show that conventional dentures are only able to provide an average of 20% chewing efficiency. With dental implants, your chewing efficiency can be increased to around 90%.

Implants act as anchors to support dentures and separate them from the gums. The dentures are affixed to the implants and become a permanent, more natural feeling part of your mouth.

Some of the benefits of implant supported dentures are:

  • Less gum discomfort and irritation
  • No need for denture adhesives
  • Increased comfort and stability
  • Increased chewing efficiency
  • A more natural look and feel
  • Prevents dentures from slipping out of place
  • Restores teeth functionality and the ability to eat and chew normally
  • Option to have an open palate allows for more natural tongue placement

What types of implant supported dentures are available?

Traditional implant supported dentures snap in and out for easy cleaning and convenience.

Implant-retained dentures cannot be removed and act as a natural teeth.

If you are comfortable with your current denture, but want added stability, we offer mini implants that can be added to your current denture. This option allows you to get the mini implants placed and have your denture modified in one visit.

If you are a current user of traditional dentures and would like to learn about implant supported dentures, contact us today.

At Hildebrand Estivo Dental, Dr. Robin, Dr. Matt, and Dr. Mike are very happy to answer any questions you may have concerning the benefits of dental implants in supporting and securing your dentures.